BDBD is Eccl. 2:1-11

I am conducting a self-imposed psychological examination so that I may personally understand the author’s conclusion. What if I had endless wealth, unchallenged power, vast knowledge, clever wisdom, perfect health, unquestioned admiration, and was exceedingly attractive? What would I do if I had all this and was accountable only to myself; no heaven above, only sky, and no hell below? I would seek anything that would bring me pleasure (1). I would seek that which was worthwhile to do during the few days I had to live (3).

My not so hard to imagine realm would have a most glorious place to dwell in (4). Pleasant surroundings offer a touch of goodness and pleasure. Gardens and parks with flowering fruit trees and lawns carpeted with flowers and shrubs along waterfalls and lakes in vastly varying terranes occupied by all forms of animals and insects (5,6). My dwelling would include a mansion with glorious decore, pools, recreation rooms, and views of mountains, seashores, lush valleys, and exotic plants out of every large window.

My domain would include performing arts; music, dance, and acting (8). I would create, perform, and listen to sounds and melodies to please the ear and excite emotion.

I would own and command male and female slaves who would maintain, design, build and perform (7,8). I would have a harem of beautiful and alluring women to provide and share the delights of the heart and body (8).

I would deny myself nothing my eyes desired (10). I would refuse my heart no pleasure. I would live without restraint; my mind still guiding me with wisdom (3). I would undertake work that gave a full reward, pride, and satisfaction from well done (10).

Solomon lived the life I have only imagined. So have a few others. What is their life end conclusion? Everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind, nothing was gained from a life without heaven above and no hell below; a world where God is kept out of (11). “Laughter is foolish. and what does pleasure accomplish (2)?”