BDBD is Eccl. 12:9-12

A common belief about the leading of the Holy Spirit is that we do nothing. Instead, it is believed that suddenly words just come to us. However, these verses reveal that the revelation of God’s words is not always (if seldom) like that. The Spirit’s moving is a mutual undertaking.

Solomon is the Teacher of Ecclesiastes. He was wise, his wisdom a gift of God (9). He pondered and searched out before he wrote this book (9, 10). The words were inspired by God. Yet the revelation came while Solomon thought. After he received divine inspiration through rigorous thinking, a pen did not suddenly stand upright and begin writing. No. Solomon picked up the pen and started to write. The Spirit’s moving is a mutual undertaking.

Solomon is not the only person who experiences this process of mutual processing. “The words of the wise” -meaning many people- “are given by one Shepherd” -meaning one God the Spirit (11). Many books are written and it is not easy to write a divinely inspired manuscript.

More-so, when all of God’s people contemplate his words, their lives, their generation, and the nature of God and godly things they are the same as Solomon the wise Teacher, vigorously flowing and wrestling with God for just the right words. Bible Daily Bread Devotion (BDBD) and are the makings of 1,640 web pages (and growing) and it wearies my body and mind. I am blessed.