BDBD is Eccl. 1:2-8

Under the sun” means a life without a relationship with God, a life with a heart and mind set on this world, a life with selfish priorities, a life where love for God is kept at a distance and love for others is second to love of self. “Under the sun” is full of excuses for making wrong decisions.
   What is gained from all our labors from which we toil when living “under the sun”?Time is relentless. No one who has ever lived nor will live can control time. We cannot stop time, slow it down, reverse time, nor go back in time. Time has one destiny for all death. After death there is judgement for which time has no control or power.

   The sun rises and set paying no attention to us. Who can stop the world from spinning? Time moves on payingno attention to us.
   The air moves here and there. Winds come. Winds go. Who can stop the atmosphere from spinning? Time moves on paying not attention to us.
  Water moves here and there. Rain and snow comes then goes.  Who can stop the hydro cycle? Time moves on paying no attention to us.

All things are wearisome.  If you disagree then why do you still age? We do not want to admit that life in general and specific makes us weary till we look in the mirror. “Where did that wrinkle come from? Why do marks appear? Weary,  worry, anxiety, and concern. All things are wearisome more than we want to say.

More, more, more. I need more. That which I aquire and experience is not enough under the sun. I need more.  What I gain is not enough under the sun. What is gained from all labors of roil under the sun? Not enough.

  Thus is life under the sun.