BDBD is Eccl. 10:5-7

A ruler can make wise decisions and foolish decisions. A ruler can be wise and foolish. These two simple truths often have little correlation. A wise leader can make foolish decisions and visa-versa. A ruler’s emotional and spiritual stability is more inclined to influence his or her decisions than these two. The same can be said of me.

The author of Ecclesiastes points out an evil under the sun, the sort that arises from a ruler. I have seen this too. A person in a position of leadership posts people under them to manage affairs for one of two reasons. Many leaders place in high positions those who are loyal to them regardless of their skill and capability. The result is that “fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones.” While other leaders look for skill and ability.

Most rich people in those days were people who had an ability and skill, made so by God. Today we call these people self-made and people with business sense. I like the author has witnessed good companies fall apart because those who rise in management were promoted because someone was building a silo of selfish power. I have also witnessed the opposite; people build companies because they recognize and promote people based on their skill, ability, and mental stability.

I learn to examine my motives. Why do I have the friends and partners that I have? Why am I choosing to spend the rest of my life in a commitment of marriage with someone? The answer to these questions will heavily influence my future success and happiness.