BDBD is Eccl. 10:16-18

Human nature is to sit back and rest, take it easy, and not work at all. A lazy mindset is drinking poison laced with honey (18).

Nature has an insatiable desire to tear things down. Eventually rafters sag causing the roof of a house to leak (18). A lazy person who does not repair the sagging roof will eventually drown in his own wake.

Kings and leaders are to serve the people if they want their kingdom to be secure and well off. If a king stops serving his people, becomes lazy, and seeks after parties and selfish gratification their realm will become weak and poor. Woe to the domain of a leader who is not a servant (16).

The leader of a house must work so as to counter nature’s insatiable desire to tear down what they are building. Build enough to maintain and yet enjoy the fruits of hard labor. Bless is the house whose head works for the strength of their house and not to quench the thirst of a lazy mind.