BDBD is Eccl. 10:10-11

When I was a young man I had several interests that I wanted to pursue; art, music, engineering, and horticulture. Preparing food came later. I was inspired and full of wonder at the masters of these life pursuits. I soon enough discovered that the master’s skill was much harder to match than their final products appeared to have been achieved. The spirit was willing, but the skill was weak.

I was a dull ax, its edge unsharpened (10). I was an uncharmed snake; killing results before I was charmed (11). I learned that skill will bring success (10). I needed skills to be happy and pleased by success. Skill would bring the profit of a job well done.

When I pursued an education in my heart’s desires I learned that refined skills required the determined pursuit of two things. I needed to learn and imitate the masters. And more than this I needed to practice, practice, practice. Continued use of these two can only be maintained by love, will, desire, and patience.

Since this is true when pursuing my heart’s desires I shouldn’t be surprised that it also applies to my character. How can I follow my Master expecting an immediate change of character? How can I follow my Master without applying these two principles to my life? I cannot. Since I want a good character I need to learn from the Master Jesus and practice, practice, and practice his way.