BDBD is Colossians 4:7-18

  Paul ends his letter to the congregation in Colossea with greetings to individuals and from individuals who were with him.
   Tychicus and Onesimus were to give an update on Paul’s ministry. Paul was under house arrest awaiting trial before Ceasar’s court (18). I see that there is nothing wrong with giving personal updates as long as it doesn’t include boasting.
   Mark was with Paul again (10). Paul had objected to bringing Mark on his previous mission because he had deserted Paul and Barnabas on their second mission trip. Paul had forgiven and accepted him. Mark was a squeamish young man. Paul made accommodations for him because of this and out of love for him.
   Epaphras is a good example of praying for others (12-13). Paul wrote he wrestled in prayer. What does it mean to wrestle in prayer? Struggle till the request is pinned down?
   Nympha was a woman with means (15). Her house was large enough to host the congregation. The wealthy should be generous to others. I am far from being wealthy by American society. Yet at times I will host others in my loft. It is right and good.