BDBD is Colossians 3:15-17

   Peace of heart is one of the most desirable and sought-after states of being, along with love and respect. Peace of heart is something that can be obtained. I can seek peace. I can “let peace rule my heart” (15), just like love and respect.
    Peace of heart, however, is different from love and respect. Peace of heart is obtained only through a proper relationship with God. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. In Christ is true peace of heart. He is satisfaction. When I draw close to Jesus his peace invades my being. This is the secret of heaven.
   Jesus can calm the wildest of hearts. Once Jesus landed onshore and a Gerasene man who was possessed with 1,000 demons approached him. Jesus freed him. He found peace, or rather peace found him.
   Being thankful is linked to the peace Jesus gives (15,17). If I do not have gratitude, then peace is diminished. Submission is also linked to the peace of Jesus. If I do not submit and do all for the glory of God, whether in word or deed, then peace is diminished (17).
   Every morning I take time to quiet my mind, dwell in his word, meditate, and sing spiritual songs (16). When I do so the peace of Christ satisfies my being. I get a small taste of heaven. I find peace, or rather peace finds me.