BDBD is Colossians 2:9-15

  Jesus is God (9). Thus, he has power and authority over the entire universe (10). What did he do with this power? He forgave me all my sins (13). He took it away and nailed it to the cross (14).
  Sin was a part of my being. It was a part of me that brought pleasure, but also brought shame, guilt, condemnation, and all sorts of problems. The part of me that was sin was always there when I chose to see it. Jesus circumcised sin from me and hung it on the cross. This was all spiritual works.
   Physical circumcision is cutting off the foreskin of the male organ.  The skin increases stimulation and pleasure during physical interactions with a woman. Circumcision is painful.
   The Lord gave the commandment of circumcision to Abraham after he accepted Sarah’s advice to sleep with her servant Haggar to have his first son. Abraham’s and Sarah’s sin was a lack of faith in God keeping his promise of a son through beautiful and old barren Sarah.
   Circumcision is a real-world illustration of the real spiritual world act. When I believed Jesus circumcised my sinful unbelief and doubts and nailed them to the cross. He canceled the charge of my legal indebtedness (14). The debt I owned was death. Jesus took that away. I am without sin, guilt, and shame.