BDBD is Colossians 1:1-14

BDBD has been chronologically following Paul’s life. Paul was in his first Roman imprisonment as recorded in Acts 28 when he wrote at least 4 letters. The letter to the congregation in Colossal is his first.
   Verses 9b thru 12 is one long sentence full of great knowledge and encouragement. Being long makes this hard to grasp in one reading. Here, Paul lays out how to be truly happy and joyful. I, like all want to be truly happy and joyful. Thus, I seek to know what Paul is trying to say.
  First, Paul wanted them to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. The Holy Spirit gives wisdom and understanding to know God’s will. This is why I try to take time for meditation with God via Examin Meditation’s 5 steps. However, lately I have not taken time to stop and do this.
  Paul knew that once they knew God’s will they would live it. Living God’s will means pleasing him (10). In general, God’s will for his children is doing good works and growing in the knowledge of him. “Knowledge” here is not just head knowledge. It is experiencing God. This is the difference between knowing of a famous actor and knowing my children. So I understand meditation to know God’s will includes personal communion with God.
   Living in God and his will guarantees I experience his character. This includes his power (11). God’s power is the source of endurance and patience (11). These are refreshing because at times living in God’s will is not externally pleasant and not personally desired, like Paul’s imprisonment wasn’t.
   Paul thus tells me that to be truly happy and joyful is not dependant on my external situation and circumstance. To be truly happy and joyful is internal communion with God, knowing his personal will for me and living it.