BDBD is Acts 28:1-16

  No matter where Paul and the believers with him traveled -Malta, Puteoli, and Rome, they made new adult acquaintances and some even became friends. When hard times and bad circumstances came Paul did not hesitate to make new adult friends and help others.
   Paul gathered wood on Malta. He showed kindness and compassion to the islanders. He saught out the congregation in Puteoli. He embraced the congregation in Rome. In the past Paul made enemies.  In Christ he made friends.
  God did not intend for his people to be alone all of the time.  Humans were designed to be social some of the time. Living social is easier and seems more natural to some than others. Some are introverts while others are extroverts. Most are somewhere in-between. No matter what the feelings are during human interaction, all can learn to kindly interact with other adults.
   A few fear judgment and rejection. This may have been the result of feelings of being hurt in the past, or they have thoughts of inadequacies. So they avoid contact. Even if they are believers they avoid talking with adults on Sundays and during gatherings. Some even avoid going to church gatherings. When they do go they arrive late and leave quickly.
   In my youth, I had social fears and thoughts of inadequacy that made me an introvert.  Yet, in my heart, I had the desire to have friends. Eventually, I slowly learned to overcome my fears, feelings, and thoughts. I made acquaintances and some became friends. I learned to be an extrovert.
   I have good memories with friends past. Sure I was sometimes hurt, or I left the area not to see my friends again. But that never stopped me from making new acquaintances all over again. Extroverts should take the time to spot introverts and kindly engage with them. Jesus did.
   I am moving again. When I get to my new destination I will seek out others and even will find a friend or two to enjoy life with.