BDBD is Acts 24

   Paul, the High Priest, Ananias, and governor Felix represent three types of people in regards to hearing the truth.
   Felix listened to Paul speaking about faith in Christ Jesus and was afraid. However, his fear did not develop into acceptance and repentance. He did not love and trust God. He did not love his fellow man. He dished out rulings based on bribes, not compassion and justice. The deceitfulness of wealth chocked the truth.
   Ananias had a very hard heart. He did not accept anything to do with the good news of Jesus Christ. He enjoyed power and did anything to keep it. He lied to Felix and gave orders to kill the clearly innocent Paul. Paul was correct in calling him a whitewashed wall. He looked clean on the outside, but was as hard as rock on the inside.
   Paul was like both men, perhaps worse. Then Jesus came to him, called him, and blinded him for several days. Paul accepted the truth and repented. He loved God and loved his fellow man. Even though he was subject to injustice and hate he did what was true.
   I was like them. Everyday I can still be like them. The choice is mine. Yet no matter what I chose God is full of grace.