BDBD is Acts 23:12-22

God is always working. His plans and purpose never fail. His will for Paul in this stage of his life was to witness to kings and in Rome was progressing very well in unexpected ways.  Paul passed the test. He trusted Jesus’s words to him.
  When 40 devout Jewish men vowed not to eat nor drink till Paul was dead God made a way to protect Paul and witness to Governor Felix. Everything was falling into place. Paul must have constantly thanked God for the Holy Spirit’s continual witness to not be as he perceived.
   Whenever I read this passage I wonder what the 40 men did when their plans were foiled. Did they die of starvation and thirst? They believed that they were so in the right that they made this exuberant vow. More than that, they wanted everyone to know of their pious zeal and glorious faith in God. So when God revealed that they were not in his will did they repent, die, or secretly eat?
   I imagine the humorous scene of 40 skinny men with their skin hanging from their bones dragging themselves along a dirt road to Caesarea staring at wheat and barley fields. One purposely slows down and when he thinks his peers can see him grabs a handful of kernels and eats them. Soon all 40 are munching and crunching kernels and declaring,  “Praise our God for giving us renewed strength so we can kill Paul.”
   Who am I like now? Paul or the 40 fools? Why do I do what I do? Why do say what I say? Is it for show? Is it for me? Is it for others? Is it for God in his will? I can examine my motives and know the Lord is always in charge when I trust and obey.