BDBD is Acts 21:1-8

  Paul, after writing to the Roman congregations while in Corinth, made this way south-east to Jerusalem with some companions with the financial gift from the Gentiles. They stayed for a while at Philip’s house (8). He was one of the Seven (Acts 6:5). The Seven were young men chosen to wait on tables many years earlier at the young congregation in Jerusalem so that the Apostles could devote their full attention to the Scriptures.
  Now many years later Philip lived in the port city of Caesarea and was married with grown children. Cesarea was built on the Mediterranean Sea to be the Roman provincial capital of the area. Philip, a layman like myself is a good life study as to what happens when submitting to God and accepting Jesus’ leading.
   Philip, when he was a young man quickly left Jerusalem during the persecutions from the non-Christian Jews against the Messianic Jews. These persecutions were caused by Stephen’s martyrdom (Acts 8). Philip fled to Samaria, out of the Jews reach.  There he preached to the Samaritans. Many believed, were saved, and were joyful (Acts 8:8)
   After awhile Philip was lead by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the good news to an Ethiopian traveling south to his home country (Acts 8). Philip, then became a traveling evangelist (8) eventually ending up in Caesarea (Acts 8:40).
   Philip married shortly thereafter and had four daughters (9). I smile because Luke was with Paul at Philip’s hoise. Luke was the unmarried young believer writing this book. He may have been interested in one of Philip’s daughters because he made note that Philip’s daughters were unmarried.
   Philip was obviously dedicated to the Lord Jesus and full of the Spirit. When Philip was a young man running away from Jerusalem he did not know what his future would be. He must have been afraid and wondered what was God’s will for him. Still, he continued in the Spirit and now was blessed with stable family life.
   Luke too must have wondered while in Philip’s house what was going to happen to him when he arrived with Paul in Jerusalem. He was interested in Philip’s daughter. Yet, Luke knew that he could be arrested, jailed, and even killed when Paul would be arrested. During the trip Luke heard over and over again what was going to happen to Paul in Jerusalem. Luke probably was afraid and wondered what was God’s will for him.
   Like Philip and Luke during the pivotal early twenties as a new believer I also didn’t know what my future would be. I was in college, removed from family and friends, growing in debt, in need of a job, knowing that a job would affect my study time and grades, and I was drinking beer alone.
   I began reading the Bible starting from Matthew’s gospel and praying daily. My roommate and his friends were secretly praying for me. Looking back to muself over 30 years ago I can relate to young Philip and Luke. God has been with me as he promised.  Even when the future is unknown I can know that when I trust God his Spirit will lead me in spite of all obstacles, even myself.