BDBD is Acts 20:13-38

  Paul’s speech to the elders of Ephesus has much to think about.  I am looking at two items. First, verses 22 and 23, “And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing… the Holy Spirit warns me…”
  Compelled means force or oblige someone to do something. Much of the time I envision the Holy Spirit as a gentle dove in a stream of light that shines from heaven. Yet here the Spirit is forcing Paul to steadfast move to an unknown harm while warning Paul in every city that prison and hardship are facing him in Jerusalem. It seems to me Paul didn’t want to go. The Spirit forced him to go. Who can resist the will for God? In a way the warning was to prepare Paul’s heart and mind, instead of comfort him.
   I so want the Spirit to compelled my every move. It takes away my need for decision. So that makes my motive impure.
   The truth is being compelled by the Spirit naturally means He is forcing me to where I do not want to go.  I don’t remember if the Holy Spirit has ever compelled me in the past. Now the thought of Spirit compulsion is frightening.
   Secondly, Paul tells them that internal and external wolves were going to enter the flock (29-31). Jesus taught many times that his people are like sheep; weak, vulnerable, unaware of dangers, fearful, and unintelligent.  Wolves are strong, resistant, aware, bold, and cunning. They kill, steal, and maim. They only want to draw in disciples that will serve them.
   Paul’s direction was to warn them and commit them to God and to the word of his grace (32). Jesus taught that his word is life.  His word is spiritual food. His word is daily bread. His word is a defense against the wolves.