BDBD is 7:9-13

The Beloved invited her Lover to kiss him. He had compared her mouth to the best wine (9). She responds by stating the wine will go straight to her lover. They kiss. They embrace. Their bodies press together. The wine warms their heart and spins their mind. The couple’s body instinctively reacts to the gentle touch of lips. Unique awakes female and male bonding into one.

“I belong to my lover,” she wisps (10). Her breathing sporadic sighs. She cuddles a joyous thought, “His desire is for me.”

The maiden presents to the lover an elope to the country villages, spending all night together exploring every door (11). She will open them so they can explore new rooms together.

The duchess offers herself completely to her master. She desires them to go to the vineyards to see if the budding blossoms have opened (12). “I will give you my love.”

The virgin as a mandrake sends out her fragrance (13). She lays before her lord every delicacy. Every delight the beloved has for her lover from her garden, both already given and yet to be given is his. She has stored up for her lover. Come lover, come.