BDBD is 2 Timothy 4:9-22

Paul’s final words that we have are in these verses unless the letter of Hebrews was written by Paul. It is 67 A.D. Nero is Caesar. His hate for Christians is well documented. Nero is credited for starting Rome’s 10-day city-wide fire in 64 A.D. He claimed Christians intentionally started the infernal. Christian persecution is kingdom-wide sanctioned.

Paul is in a Roman prison. Alexander the metalworker brought serious charges against Paul (14,15). Alexander hated the Christian message and undoubtedly hated Paul. Paul’s life was threatened.

Paul mentions many believers in many cities. Many came to faith through Paul’s missionary work and all benefited from his evangelistic ministry. Some had deserted him, others stayed with him and assisted. After giving Timothy many instructions he tells him, “Do your best to come to me quickly before winter.” (9,21)

The Lord lead me to talk with several circles of believers in many cities that I have frequented in the last two years of the government-sanctioned pandemic. The cities include Sebring, FL, Vero Beach, FL, Concord, NC, Royal Oak, MI, Ottoville, OH, and LaGrange, GA. I have maintained contact with family and friends all around the world too. Congregations have temporarily closed and opened up only to find the attending numbers have dropped considerably.

My desire is that all may come to saving faith in Jesus and live to the full in Christ. One pastor stated that though the national numbers of Sunday attendance have dropped those who tithe has not. Is that important? God’s work was not hindered by Caesar lead persecution; nor will the fear of death by a virus.