BDBD is 2 Timothy 1:8

Paul told Timothy that he should not be ashamed to testify about the Lord Jesus (8). Jesus said that anyone who was ashamed of him in this age would be ashamed of them before his Father when standing before him on the Bema Seat.

Paul had lived his life since he meet Jesus telling others of the grace of Jesus. This often resulted in him being ridiculed, harassed, beaten, and even jailed. He was in a Roman jail when he wrote Timothy. Paul told Timothy to not be ashamed of him even though he was in jail for preaching the gospel (8).

Timothy was concerned about his future. He was holding back on the call that was given him. He didn’t want to suffer as Paul was. He was afraid and concerned.

Indeed believers in Jesus will suffer (8). God’s will supply power to those who suffer for Jesus’ namesake (8). The life of full obedience isn’t always easy or pretty. That is why many who come to accept Jesus as Savior eventually turn their back on him. They give up on him. They doubt his love.

Don’t give up. Don’t be ashamed of Jesus. Humbly ask God for power to endure everything that will happen today. Fill me with the overwhelming power, joy, and love so that I may be a good witness to others today.