BDBD is 2 Timothy 1:1-7

All have a calling, that is a place. Our place includes family and friends, a location to dwell, and work to occupy time and be productive. So is the case for Paul and Timothy.

Paul had his dear proteges Timothy, Titus, and other believers as family and friends. He spent time at various locations during his life. Now, during the writing of this letter in 67 AD, Paul was in a Roman prison. His occupation was an apostle of Christ Jesus (1).

Timothy had his mentor Paul, his mother Eunice, his grandmother Lois, and those in the Ephesus congregation he served as pastor (5).

I have often heard the cliche “burned out” when referring to someone’s will and strength to continue occupation and job wondering where the term came from. Here Paul tells Timothy to “fan into flame the gift of God” (6). Perhaps that is where the term “burned out” comes from. If I don’t fan into flame the gift of God the will, excitement, and strength could burn out.

What is the gift of God Paul was referring to? The laying on of hands in verse 6 is done in a congregation to commission someone before they take on a mission and occupation. Roman Catholics refer to this as the sacrament of confirmation. Other denominations simply refer to it as the laying on of hands. This symbolizes God sending his Holy Spirit into someone, often for a specific mission or call. Paul when writing of the gift of God given to Timothy was referring to the gift given during the laying on of hands.

The Holy Spirit gives all his people a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline (sound mind, good judgment) (7). However, I need to continually fan it into flame or these gifts could burn out.