BDBD is 2 Corinthians 8

  The eastern shore of the Mediterranean was experiencing a drought. The Judean churches were experiencing hardships not only because of the drought but also because they were ousted from the synagogues, forbidden from taking some jobs (i.e. priests), and became social outcasts. Paul was coordinating a free-will gift from the Gentile churches to help their brothers in the Lord in Judea (4, 10).
   Charity is something that Jesus taught his people through his life and in his words. Jesus created everything. His Father gave him everything.  He is the ruler of all. He could have done anything he wanted. He chose to leave everything to save me and the whole world. Though the Lord Jesus Christ was rich, yet for my sake, he became poor, so that through his poverty I became rich (9). Humanly I am not rich. In fact, I am quite poor. Yet spiritually I am rich and when my physical body ends I will be a co-owner of everything.
  God does not want anyone to give charity beyond their ability (12) i am to not make myself poor so that the poor might be made rich (14-15). Many become rich at the expense of others in the name of charity and in the name of God. Just because God is mentioned in a charity pitch does not make it from God nor does it make it holy, right, and good. Also giving money and time may be harmful to the one I give. So I am careful in my charity giving.