BDBD is 2 Corinthians 12

  God protected Paul from the pit of conceit (7). Conceit is a word not in much use these days probably because conceit, vanity, and pride are considered at best normal and at worse good mindsets. However, conceit ignores some blatant truths about the human condition, that is my state of being. When self truths are not accepted, I miss out on God performing character improvements and gaining peace of mind and heart.
   Conceit, vanity, and pride ignore God’s providence. I do not live in a self-fulfilling vacuum. I do not have the capability to control everything all at once all the time. In fact, I can control little. I can make decisions. Yet, my decisions do not make what I decide to happen. Many unforeseen things always happen that counter what I decided to do. A wise person can admit, “I spent most of my life planning for things that did not happen the way I planned.” Foolishness is to believe that all the good and great things I do and say are by my design and total control. They happen because God wills them to happen.
   Then there are the bad decisions that I make. The misspoke word, the promise I made and did not keep, the good thing I could have and should have done and did not, and then there is the wrong thing I chose to do and did not stop. Conceit ignores these and robs me of allowing God to create a godly character in me and thus gain contentment and rest.
   Paul had experienced and done a lot of amazing things. He is the man who went to the third heaven (1-5). God performed miracles through him. He would have become conceited if God did not give him a thorn in his flesh, a small messenger of Satan, to torment him (7).  Paul wanted it to stop. He could not make it stop. He asked God to stop it. He did not. God revealed why the pain stayed.  It kept him from becoming conceited.
   I too have asked God to do things that were not answered in the way I asked and wanted. Perhaps they too are to keep me from being conceited and proud. God’s NO can be good even though it means I will endure some pain.