BDBD is 2 Chronicles 7:17-22

1 Kings 9:1-9 also record the Lord appearing to Solomon.

After the Lord spoke to Solomon about choosing and consecrating the temple Solomon built so that the LORD’s Name may be there forever he talked directly to Solomon. The Lord reminded Solomon about the covenant he had made with his father David (18). The Lord now made the same covenant with Solomon (17,18).

The covenant with David and Solomon was a two-sided covenant. Solomon was to walk before the Lord, do all the Lord commanded, and observe the Lord’s decrees and laws (17). If Solomon did this the Lord would establish Solomon’s throne.

Solomon had a choice. He could turn away and forsake the Lord’s decrees and commands and serve other gods and worshiped them too (19). If he did then the Lord send the Israelites into exile and reject the temple Solomon made (20). The Lord’s Name would not be diminished for everyone would know that the Israelite’s disaster came because Solomon and the Lord’s people failed to keep their end of the covenant (21,22).

Jesus established a new covenant with his people. The basis of the covenant of the blood of the lamb can be found in the gospels. I have accepted the covenant. The new covenant is similar to the covenant with Israel with important differences.

The new covenant is two-sided too. I am to have faith in the Lord as Abraham did. The Lord Jesus’ side is to be my God through eternity. He would free me from sin, judgment, and death. He is my friend, lover, and master. When he speaks I trust and obey in faith.