BDBD is 2 Chronicles 7:11-16

Some Christians will have problems in accepting the words the Lord God told Solomon after the dedication. The Lord God told Solomon that he causes drought, locusts infestations, and plague among his people (13). Some believe that God does not bring nor cause bad things to happen. They are correct. The fact of the matter is these things are not bad from God’s perspective. Many times they are the best means in helping his people from sinning. Often they are the last resort that will turn his people from sinful habits and impulses.

A good parent who loves their children wants the best for them. They do whatever is wise and best for their children. They sacrifice themselves for their children.

Children are born with human nature; the potential to do extraordinary good and bad. Doing good is righteousness. Doing bad is sin. The truth of human nature is that we tend to sin so easily and quickly.

A good parent recognizes the power of human nature in the children they hold so dear. They know the means to help their children succeed in life by showing and giving them life tools. The tools give their beloved ones the desire to do right and the longing to resist doing wrong. Tools include boundaries, rewards, and punishment (14).

The Lord God is an excellent parent. Therefore he is a great example. God does not remove the tool of punishment from his means to lovingly help his children. He is always looking to see if a wayward child has turned from their wicked way (14).

Though it hurts to do so God the Father disciplines his people. We think bad things are happening. God knows that these things will end in good. God does send drought, locusts infestations, and plague among his people (13). But only as a last resort.