BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:40-42

Solomon asked the Lord his God to keep his eyes open and ears attentive to the prayers offered in the temple (40). Everyone including me wants God to not only hear but act on prayers, supplications, and requests.

The Lord God has answered some of my prayers according to how I have asked. Yet, others he did not. I have heard many messages and read comments on the subject of prayers. The Bible has a lot of prayers in it and people are thankful when they are answered. Jesus had much to say about prayer and answered people’s requests as they asked. Yet still, I am not happy about the prayer requests awaiting a positive yes to return. I am reminded of how Abraham waited 25 years to receive his request for a son. So I wait.

Solomon also wanted the LORD God to rest in the temple (41). This too I want for now I am his temple. Come Lord and rest in my that I may have rest in you. Bless me with your presence. Do not delay your positive yes to my request. Be with me a man of little faith.