BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:36-39

Solomon’s prayer to the Lord God during the temple dedication ceremony continues with a section containing “The Way of Redemption and Restoration.” “The Romans Road” is a witnessing tool that uses verses from Paul’s letter to the Roman congregation as a traverse to salvation. Solomon’s “Way of Redemption and Restoration” in these three verses is the same.

“There is no one who does not sin” (36). When we sin we do so first and foremost against God (36). The statements “when we sin”, “I have sinned”, and “if I sin” are joined with “because I sinned” to form the essence of the fallen nature all are possessed with. Sin is defined as “we have done wrong and acted wickedly” (37).

Sin has consequences. Sin angers God (36). Thus, God removes his protection and help. Naturally and immediately the enemy, Satan takes us captive far away from God (36). Satan inflicts misery and pain in the life of captivity. Also, the enemy within, our sinful nature possesses our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our sinful nature fools us into believing the resistance to all that is right and good will bring us peace, love, and contentment.

Redemption and Restoration start with awareness, acceptance, and confession, “I have sinned, have done wrong and acted wickedly.” (37) The confession is “a change of heart” in the land of captivity (37). It is a plead with God (37) and a turning back to God will all ones heart and soul in the land of captivity where one is taken (38). This is repenting (37).

God the Father in heaven, his dwelling place hears the prayer and plead of a changed heart (39). He forgives those who sinned against him (39). He upholds their cause (39). He rescues them from captivity. He brings them back to him.

Solomon does not state here that Redemption and Restoration are made possible because of the shedding of Jesus’ blood when he was crucified. Yet, the whole point of temple worship was to foreshadow Jesus, the lamb of God.