BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:34-35

Though war is bad in many ways, war is unavoidable and common in this world. The Lord had told Israel when they were to go to war and how they were to engage in war (34). When Israel was sent to war they were to pray toward the temple built for His Name. The Lord God would hear from heaven and uphold their cause (35).

War is conflict on a national scale. There are personal wars too. Conflict is a part of life. Conflict is not always bad. I once thought all conflict was not good and avoided conflicts. Now I see that conflict is often the only process to obtain redemption, resolution, and restoration.

Jesus on the night he was betrayed was in conflict. His human body did not want to go through crucifixion. So he prayed, “Father, take this cup from me.” His godly nature finally decided to submit himself to sacrifice. So he prayed, “Not my will, but yours be done.”

When conflict comes I can take Jesus’ example and Solomon’s advice. I can go to my Father in heaven in prayer. I do not need to go to a temple of stone, wood, and iron for the Spirit lives in me.