BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:28-31

God deals with each person according to what they do (30). God searches each person’s heart (30). He knows my soul every moment; every breath and between breaths.

Only God knows my thoughts and motives (30). The devil does not know, spouses do not know, parents and children do not know, peers, and co-workers do not know what makes me live as I do. God knows all I have done, all I am doing, and all I will do, and why I have and will act in this way. God knows me even better than I know myself.

What does God do with the knowledge of who I am? He does not use knowledge of me for his selfish gain. The Lord God does not use knowledge of me with disdain. He interacts with me in love, wisdom, and strength.

The Lord Jesus gives each person the proper and good reply to the decisions they make. God does all so that I may have a proper relationship with him and others. The best relations are in love with mind, heart, body, and strength.

A loving relationship with God includes fear of him and walking in his ways all the time (31). God created me in love. He has loving plans for me. If I stray from them he will not hold back anything that will cause me to return to the good life. If need be God will bring famine, plague, blight, locusts, or enemies besieging me.