BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:26-27

When Israel sinned by worshiping idols one of the things that caused them to come back to him was drought. God shut up the heavens when they sinned (26). They admitted their sin and stopped doing it when they were disciplined.

When Israel lived according to the covenant, the right way to live, blessed them by sending rain (27). The crops grew, livestock and humans drank water, and people bathed regularly. Life was pleasant.

Does God always interact this way with his people? Does he interact with his people this way today, in the age of grace?

God does not always interact this way with those who do not believe in him. However, God does orchestrate everyone’s life so that they will have the chance to know him and enter a personal relationship with them.

However, when it comes to his people God does interact this way with them, to a point. God will do anything to keep his people from doing things that will harm them and those around him.

However, he does not force us to make the right decision. He always lets me make the decision. If I sin God will lead me to repentance, but I need to decide. If I stubbornly refuse to repent God will let me do what I have decided no matter how much it pains me and him.