BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:14-17

God always keeps his promises. The Lord, God of Israel, the one and only God kept his promises to David (15). God’s promise was based on a covenant of love (14). The covenant was a two-sided covenant.

God’s side of the covenant of love was that he would ensure that Israel would obtain the promised land and have peace on every side. God also promised to make one of David’s son’s king. God promised to dwell in the temple that David started and Solomon finished. God kept these promises (15).

David and his sons’ side of the covenant of love was to be careful in all they do to walk before God according to the law, the covenant between God and Israel. David kept his side of the covenant for the most part. He did fail with Bathsheba and Uriah and the counting of the men eligible to fight.

God has made a covenant of love with the church (Luke22:20). Jesus’ death, resurrection, and sending the Holy Spirit were his part of the covenant. My side of the covenant is to believe in him wholeheartedly. Just as with the covenant with Israel I am to continue wholeheartedly (15).

Jesus promised many things for me and my future. I can and should remember them all.