BDBD is 2 Chronicles 2:11-18

Hiram, king of Tyre was pleased with Solomon’s request so much so that he praised the Lord, the God of Israel (11,12). Tyre’s chief deity was Melqart, also spelled Melkart or Melkarth, the Phoenician god. He was also called the Tyrian Baal.

Hiram didn’t say that the Lord was his God. So he wasn’t converted from his pagan deities and idol worship to Judaism. He was only glad that Solomon was wise and friendly with Tyre, acknowledging the existence of Solomon’s God, the Lord.

Many reasons exist why people seek some form of religion. Many came to Jesus when He walked the earth for many reasons. The same is today. I am not their judge, I only acknowledge that others are different than me. Some will be like Hiram acknowledging Jesus while holding onto superstition and pagan beliefs.

How about me? Why do I confess the name of the Lord Jesus? Am I happy and joyful merely because something good has come my way? Or does my faith in Jesus have root in wanting more than just a casual relationship with him? Is my passion for him hot or lukewarm?

Jesus said many are called but few follow. He told the apostles after all left him after feeding the 5,000, “Are you not the twelve I have chosen?” meaning they remain because he chose them. I remain only because of the grace and mercy of Jesus. I exist in Christ with faith, hope, and love. Only these three remain in the end.