BDBD is 2 Chronicles 1:7-12

  What is it I want? If I were in Solomon’s place and the Lord God were to say to me, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you,” what would I say?
   Yet, I am not like Solomon. I am not young. I am not starting out in a new career. I am not king of the regional power. I do not have enemy kingdoms on my boarders. I do not have siblings who want to take the throne. I do not have a family to start, a royal line to preserve.
   Yet in my place what would I ask for? What do I ask in prayer? What do I want and what do I need? Is there a poor response?
   The Lord’s reply to Solomon’s request for wisdom to rule Israel reveals that one request is better than others. Do I have but one request? I can pray anytime and anywhere.
   Jesus taught,  “Seek first my kingdom and righteousness and all these will be given.”