BDBD is 2 Chronicles 1:1-6

   1 Kings 3 is similar to this chapter.
   Many Israelites had religious inclination. Some had a pure love for God. David did and now Solomon did. The ark of the Lord which contained the covenant etched in stone and manna was in Jerusalem. However, the tabernacle, that is the tent of meeting was still on mount Gilead. When anyone wanted to worship and inquire of the Lord they would have to go to there.
   Solomon was an adolescent. He had many older brothers who were jealously plotting to overthrow Solomon. The Israelites were many, powerful, well educated, and wealthy like never before. Solomon was intimidated by the thought of leadership. He accepted his father’s advice and went to seek the Lord.

   Life always seems to have circumstances that are challenging and/or intimidating. Just when things are going in a good way, a new problem comes.
   Whether in want or in plenty seek the Lord. The Israelites would go to mount Gilead. Where do I go now?
  Jesus was the Lord at mount Gilead. Jesus was in the tabernacle.  Jesus is my mount Gilead.