BDBD is 1 Timothy 6:3-10

Frankly, I do not know of someone who does not love money. Jesus said, “You cannot love both God and money.” Here it says, “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (10) “Love of money” in the original Greek is one word. It is not mistranslated.

Money is what is obtained from labor and investment. Of course, there are also illegal and unethical ways to obey money. Money in theory is then exchanged for stuff. The reason why people love money is that we want more and better stuff. Obtaining stuff with no effort or frustration is desirable to everyone in one degree or another.

Why is the desire for more so powerful in my heart and mind? It doesn’t need to be. Certainly, I can grow content with enough food, clothing, and shelter.

I recently watched a documentary about a young man, an expert free base mountain climber. He did not live to acquire stuff. He lived to climb mountains and enjoy nature. I watched another documentary about a woman who lived out of her van. She knew others who did the same. They too were happy and content. Seven years back I traveled to the seventh poorest nation in the world. I meet people there who were happy and content.

I also recently watched a documentary about a once-famous and successful TV evangelist and his wife. They lived verses 3 through 5. Mostly, they loved money. They fell into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires (9). They were plunged into ruin and destruction. He is in jail for misappropriation of church funds. She lives in disgrace and humiliation.

How can I be content with enough food, clothing, and shelter? Contentment is a state of mind and a decision of faith. Contentment is found in godliness. Contentment is found in a loving personal relationship with Jesus. Contentment is found in hope and faith in Christ. Contentment involves gratitude towards God. This is what I remind of myself of when tempted.