BDBD is 1 Timothy 6:17-21

The rich in this world are addressed directly in the Bible. Jesus has advice and commands for them. These verses address the wealthy. The rich are those who have great abundance; more money and assets than over half of their peers, family, and neighbors.

Having wealth changes almost everyone. Not only does their way of living change, but also their thinking and attitude. Wealth easily puffs up pride and arrogance. Wealth can believe that self did it thus ignoring the truth that God provides the means, way, and ability to obtain money and assets (17).

Having wealth and assets is not a sin. Many righteous and ethical means exist for obtaining and maintaining wealth. God provides each person with daily needs; friends, food, clothing, and shelter for enjoyment. Some are given the privilege to obtain wealth (17).

I am not rich by middle-class American standards. I am wealthy by most world standards. I am not rich when compared to most friends, family, and peers. Still, acquaintances would say that I have more income than they. Every day I see and am near those who do not have much.

Recently, some have been walking up to me asking for financial help and/or a ride somewhere. Two days ago I was at a gas station where a man walked up to me. With many words, he wanted a ride and some cash. He saw me as rich compared to himself. Holding back would have been a sin. I am to be generous and willing to share (18) even though I have no savings and have some debt.

The Spirit moved my conscience to reflect upon my heart attitude when he called me over. I had to quench resentment for having to change my plans to give this man a short ride and almost empty by billfold of cash. Attitude is what God looks at. How I do good is just as important as the act.

Both Jesus and verse 19 claim the truth that doing good towards others lays up treasure in heaven for the age to come. I wrote more of this and the age to come in the manuscript “The Believer’s Future – Hope that Inspires.”