BDBD is 1 Timothy 6:11-16

I awoke this morning under the cloud of depression, with concerns about money and the future. I think about God’s promise and wonder how much longer till he fulfills it. I tell myself that I have much to be thankful for and speak postcard prayers. Still, the feeling persists as I clean myself in preparation for the day.

I do not lose hope in God and his love for me. I do not let depression stun me into idleness, nor allow it to turn into anger. I read his word. Today’s passage is an encouragement, direction, and a prescription to this morning’s mood. God wants me to fight the good fight of the faith (12).

I read these verses several times till it cleanses my mood. Morning depression is like soil and oil on the skin. Soap and water can clean it off, but only after several applications.

God directs me to pursue what he approves of; right actions and thoughts, a godly life, faith in him, love, endurance (patience), and gentleness (11). God tells me that I can pursue endurance if I so choose. Even when the day starts with a gloomy mood I can pursue patience in his timing.

This morning, when I could not move out of the shadow over me, God sustained me and in mercy removed the cloud in my mind. He gave me life (13). He gave me Christ Jesus’ good confession (13). God will bring about all in his own time, Jesus’ coming and fulfilling his promise (14,15). Until then he let one small ray leave the unapproachable light around him through my cloud, into my shadow, and into me (16).