BDBD is 1 Timothy 5:9-16

A congregation as a whole should help those in need. There are always more people to help than there are volunteers to help. So guidelines need to be set so that those who really need can be helped.

Paul help Timothy set guideless on helping widows in Ephesus where Timothy was pastor (9,10,16). The Ephesus congregation must have had many widows and not enough resources to help them all. When women who were eligible were apparently put on the list to get the assistance they made a pledge and were required to keep it (12).

Verses 11 thru 15 should be of help to women whose husband has died, especially younger women. Everyone has sensual desires, over 60 the sensual desires either fade or are better controlled.

Verses 11-15 make me think about what I do in my spare time. Some things can lead me to do things that are not what God wants for me. Others are as Jesus taught. Now that I am older and my children are adults I still can find God wants for me in new ways.