BDBD is 1 Timothy 5:3-8

Widows were especially vulnerable in ancient Mediterranean society. Many still are today. Back then as now most depended on their husband’s income. Most families lived on a meager income if they were not slaves. Most men were slaves or soldiers in Roman society. Retirement plans like pensions and 401ks did not exist. Only a few families could save up extra income for some help for the future.

Jesus taught us to not only help others but become sacrificial in helping others. Children are to help their parents especially when they are unable to maintain a good income in later years (4). Sons are to especially care for their aged mothers (8).

Learning faith is only done when we can do nothing. When all choices vanish like steam leaving a boiling pot of water, so an elder with no income can only pray, desperately asking God for help (5,6). I don’t like being in that situation. I have been more than once. I cannot say that I want to be in that place again.