BDBD is 1 Timothy 5:17-24

Moral and ethical conduct should always be considered when a congregation is considering someone for a particular position of authority (21,22,24,25). However, this does not mean that the reason I am to conduct my life in an honorable and respectable way is to impress people and aspire to places of leadership. I do what is best and righteous because it is best for others and me.

Concentrating efforts and working for the betterment of others, especially the body of Christ deserves recognition with pay and respect (17,18). Some of the tithings of the congregation should be used to support the pastor and staff. However, I believe that a pastor should be paid no more than the mean salary of those they serve.

During my life, I have heard of and seen some pastors and staff misuse church funds and people. This is more so true in businesses and government these days than in churches. However, more damage is done to people and society when someone in a church misuses the congregation.

I decided a long time ago to give the benefit of the doubt to a church leader when I see or hear that they became become selfish unless several confirm the sin (19). Then they should be rebuked publically (20) for the sin is against the public.