BDBD is 1 Timothy 4:6-7

   Paul admonished Timothy to be a good minister of Christ Jesus. Being a good minister of Jesus consists of relaying and living truths of the faith and good teaching (7). Ministering and teaching is actively living and expressing Jesus domain over and in conscience.
   Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. I want to think about and be thankful for those who were good ministers of Christ Jesus in my life.
   First I am thankful for my grandmothers’ faith in Jesus. Grandmother Ricker taught Sunday catechism and Christian doctrine, to me and my classmates though most of us were less than attentive and grateful.  Grandmother Pohlman went to service several times a week and brought me along whenever I was with her. The respect she had from all her 30+ grandchildren and great grandchildren is a testimony to her practical application of Christ’s truths.
   Then there is Jamie Buckingham and Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation for writing and giving free the booklet Power for Living.  Through this I first put my faith and hope in Jesus in 1983.
   Next is the first small group I attended in my hometown shortly after I put my faith in Jesus a year or so after I graduated from high school. Since then I have seen and heard so much from ministers of Jesus and his word from many small group friends including Margie Wheeler in PA and most recent Jack and Connie in NC.
   I especially am thankful for Paul and Grace Choi, my mentor and spiritual parents in Christ. When I first attended the very small college group he began teaching the Bible one to one with me and opening their lives and home to me in my college years.
   Lastly, I am thankful to a few pastors I know especially the one who encouraged me to post my Bible study materials on the internet back in the late 1990s.