BDBD is 1 Timothy 4:1-5

  Searing skin with a hot iron is done for several reasons. A wound is cauterized to stop bleeding. A captured soldier or prisoner is sometime marked by burning skin. Some who is mentally unstable have been known to mark their skin with heat. The way skin is cauterized is not meant here.
   The effects of cauterized skin are rigidity, hardness, and dead to sensitivity. Even if hit nothing is felt. These are the result of a conscience that has constantly proclaimed without personal application.
   How many people are homes to deceiving spirits? How many popular teachers are moth pieces of demons today? These people may be religious and appear pious. Yet they have lied so much that they feel nothing. They do not practice love, faith, nor hope.
   I need to speak truth and live as Jesus taught, not in rituals and religious rites of passage. Rather, I can do as Jesus and the apostles taught.