BDBD is 1 Timothy 3:14-16

Each person and every person who believes in Jesus is the church (congregation/assembly) of the living God (15). God lives in me. I am the house of God. I am a temple where God resides. I am in the family of God and the Father of our family is in me.

No matter where I go or what I do, God is here within me. He knows my inner thoughts and motives. He experiences what I experience. He lives and I live because he lives in me. He is in a continuous mode of assessing and addressing my character. No wonder Paul wrote, “Beyond all question, the mystery of godliness is great.” (16)

I like reading and watching mysteries and detective shows. If there is a puzzle to be solved I will enjoy finding the solution. The mystery of godliness, that which gives me reverence for God is one of the greatest mysteries. It is dynamic and relevant when and if I submit to my Father’s work in my character and being.

The short poem at the end was most likely a ditty sung by the early congregation. When God moved Paul to write about the mystery of godliness he sang a song. I want to sing these words among the believers some Sunday. Would someone put these to a melody?

God became flesh. Amazing. He is called Jesus and lives among us. Amazing. The Spirit declared him righteous and approved. Amazing. All creation sees him including the angels in the flesh. Amazing. His name and deed are known around the world. Amazing. Some from every tongue, tribe, people group, and nation believes in Jesus. Amazing. Jesus ascended to heaven in glory. Amazing.