BDBD is 1 Timothy 2:9-15

Paul continues to give pastoral instructions to his young friend Timothy, who he considers a son in the Lord and a fellow pastor.

Some consider the instructions in these verses cultural, dependant on a woman’s education and experience, only to be applied in church functions, and subject to society’s customs. I tend to agree for they start with “I” meaning they are from Paul. Directions like these are meant not to be forced onto people and society, but for each person to decide how and when to apply them.

While living in Pennsylvania around 10 years ago I knew a woman who had taught the Bible in her church for many years. She handled the word of God well. Many years ago when I was a young believer in Jesus I knew another woman who was an oversee missionary for many years. She also taught the Bible to anyone who was willing to listen. She too handled the word of God well.

As for attire, it is wise to dress pleasant and modest when in congregational settings. Doing otherwise seems to upset some women more than men.