BDBD is 1 Timothy 2:5-8

Prayer seems like a simple subject to think about. After thinking about it for a while I realize that it is not. As many people that are alive and breathing, have ever walked the earth, or will ever exist must have their own thoughts and beliefs about praying.

Prayer is a rapport with God. Some may replace God there with “an object of worship.” Prayer is personal.

I accept the truth that Jesus is God’s appointed mediator between him and me (5). Jesus is with me when I talk to and with God. Jesus understands what it is to be me, a human male making a journey through life that has its good times and its hard times. The Spirit searches my heart, feeling with me.

My attitude during prayer has varied greatly when I have prayed through the years. It all depended on my life circumstances and my reaction to them. There is nothing to hide, or can be hidden from God. So I come to him in the spirit I am in, just like I see David did in the Pslams.

My attitude towards others affects my prayer. When am angry with someone, that anger comes out in my requests. If I have had a dispute with someone the emotions, and thoughts that accompany the argument swirl around my head like the fake snow in a snow globe. They disrupt my personal time with God, my maker. Jesus and Paul taught it is best to go to my brother and/or sister and peacefully settle the matter before attempting to pray (8, Mark 6:5-15, Luke 11:1-13).