BDBD is 1 Timothy 1:1-7

Bible Daily Bread Devotional has been chronologically following the life of Apostle Paul for several months now. We have been going through the book of Acts and stopping to study his letters as we follow his life through time.

Paul has been freed from a house arrest in Rome. He had been found not guilty. Shortly after this, he wrote Timothy, who was a young pastor in Ephesus (2,3).

The congregation in Ephesus contained people who were teaching things that sounded religious but were merely false doctrines and meaningless talk (3,6).

God’s work is faith (4). Jesus was always impressed when people responded to him in faith. He was only disappointed when people did not have faith. So God’s work in me is faith.

Teaching, learning, and expressing faith are connected to and an extension of love (5). Love comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith (5). If I have faith in God, I will love God and others. If I love God I will express faith in him and his ways.

No matter what troubles and pleasantries happen today I can confront them with faith and love. Myth and genealogy cannot help me practice faith and love.