BDBD is 1 Kings 1:49-53

Adonijah knew he was in danger of execution. Fear entered his body as if he breathed in deadly gas (50). He ran to the altar of the Lord where sacrifices were made and took hold of the horns at its corners. Grasping the horns of the altar was a way of seeking sanctuary or protection when one was charged with a serious offense though this act is not in the law of Moses. The horns were the place where blood from a sacrificial animal was applied for atonement for sin (Exodus 29:12; Lev. 4:7). The area around the altar was sacred. No one was to be put to death there. Adonijah declared servitude (loyalty) to Solomon (51).

Solomon showed grace to Adonijah. He allowed Adonijah to go to his house if he showed himself a worthy man (52). However, if Adonijah proved evil, which is disloyal to Solomon, he would be killed. Solomon would keep an eye on him. In those days such grace was not shown by kings.

Grace to a repetitive person is becoming rarer and rarer in modern society. Vengeance and violence are celebrated in culture, song, and drama. People will kill if someone else speaks poorly to them. Self and social pride and dignity are sustained throw the fist and gun. Some have been killed because they don’t like the way someone looks at them.

Jesus came full of grace and truth. He did not repay evil for evil. He turned the other cheek. When a Bible teacher dismissed and humiliated him he was gentle and kind. When a harlot fell weeping at his knees he forgave her sins and blessed her.

I choose today to not get behind a pulpit and preach to others about grace. I am making myself conscious of being full of grace and truth. I know in my bones in days to come someone will wrong me to the point of rage. I will be tested. I am telling myself, “Show grace to the repetitive.”