BDBD is 1 Kings 1:32-50

Good news for one person is bad news for another. Solomon was anointed King of Judah by King David’s order. This was good news for Solomon and his mother. This was bad news for Adonijah who wrongly claimed the throne before Solomon. Even a small amount of truth will be received, processed, and reacted upon differently by everyone who receives it.

The truth is David ordered that Solomon be anointed king of Judah. Everyone reacted differently to this truth. Priest Zadok, Prophet Nathan, and Captain Benaiah obeyed David’s orders to retrieve Solomon, bring him to Gihon (a spring that supplied water to Jerusalem), and anoint Solomon (32-34). The people rejoiced and sang songs so much that the ground shook (40). Adonijah and all with him ran in fear.

Truth cannot be changed. Truth is not in danger of becoming false. Truth can dispel and dissipate a false statement, but a false statement cannot change the truth. Truth is like light shining in a shadow of lies; they simultaneously vanish into nihility and fade from memory.

Jesus taught, ““If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:31–32) Jesus taught the truth. Knowing and living them is freedom. Now that is a beacon brighter than a laser.

Not everyone received this as good news. Some will perceive it as bad. Those who react to it as good news will be anointed kings. Those who react to it as bad news will run in fear.