BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:7-10

After the Lord corrected and rebuked David and the prophet Nathan (4-6) he turned the tables on David. David had wanted to build a temple (1). The Lord reminded them of everything he had done for David (7). Then he told him his plans.

David was the Lord’s servant, not the other way around (7). The Lord had rescued him from being a nobody shepherd boy. The Lord had made him king. The Lord had always been with David (8). The Lord had removed all of David’s enemies. David was successful not because David was great. David had accomplished only because the Lord had made it so. David was and still is great because the Lord had made it so.

The Lord’s plans had always been for Israel’s benefit (9). The Lord had been keeping his promise to Abraham, the man of faith in the Lord God. The Lord Jesus looked to the future.

Verses 9 and 10 are future tense. In the future, they will have a place. In the future, they will have a home of their own. In the future, they will not be disturbed, In the future, wicked people will not oppress them. In the future, the Lord will subdue Israel’s enemies. That is why David was successful.

I have plans. That is good. However, do my plans match up to the Lord’s? Do my desires and dreams exist in the will of the Lord? Even if my intent is for the benefit of the Lord and others, they may not be in the will of the Lord. Or perhaps they are in the will of the Lord, but my motivation is wrong. I could be like Nathan and believe that the Lord is with me in everything I do and so I can do anything. Such thinking needs the Lord’s rebuke.