BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:11b-15

The offspring the Lord promised who would succeed David is Jesus. He is the house the Lord built. David had already built himself a fine house made of cedar (1). So the Lord’s promise to build a house for David (10b) is a different kind of house.

The Lord promised to “raise up” David’s succeeding offspring. The Hebrew word for “raise up” is “qum” meaning; arise, lift up, establish, stand, and confirm. It is a primitive root word. The implication in the Lord’s covenant with David is that the offspring will start afresh a new kind of kingdom.

Jesus’ kingdom is also a house (14). Jesus’ father is God (13). Jesus is the son of God (13). Mary’s conception was immaculate. She was a virgin when she conceived Jesus for the Holy Spirit came upon her. Therefore, we can say that Jesus’ physical father was God.

God loves Jesus eternally (13). Jesus is King eternally (14). Jesus’ kingdom is eternal (14). Jesus’ throne is established forever (14). Saul’s throne ended when he died. David’s line of sons who reigned ended. Jesus, the son of David rules forever and his kingdom is unending.

A household had children. A kingdom has subjects. I am in Jesus’ house. I am in Jesus’ kingdom. The Hebrew word “bayit” in verses 10 and 12 is also translated as a temple. The Lord was turning over David’s plans to build the Lord a temple. The Lord would build a temple that one son would build and establish. I am in that household.