BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:1-13

Financial, military, and business success is a gift of God. God has his plans and purposes which are mostly hidden from humans. His ways are hidden by God’s intervention and by our sin and character flaws. God’s plans include a successful streak. Often baffling is who has success and who does not. Still, a wise person will acknowledge God makes a person successful in this season and then not in another.

David did not always have a successful streak. However, during this time he was successful. David defeated the Philistines (1), Moabites (2), Zobahites (3,4) and Arameans -future Syria (5,6), and Zobahites (120 north of Damascus congratulated David and gave him gifts (9,10).

David had dedicated the plunder of war to the Lord. He put them in the treasury of the future temple (11). Solomon later used much of the war plunder to build the temple and its furnishings.

Whether God gives success or not I should acknowledge the hand of God and honor his name. When he blesses with success I will give a portion back to him.