BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:7-22

David starts his psalm with a set of commands – give thanks, call, make known, sing praise, tell, glory in, seek, rejoice, look to, remember – all concerning the Lord. I need to set aside time to do just this. Sunday worship service in physical presence with other believers, such as was done when the temple was dedicated. I also should keep setting aside time in the morning to read and write DB on his word and then meditate.

The Lord God’s judgments are in all the earth (14). Judgments here can also be translated as manner, cause, and ordinance. As I meditate the Spirit can remind me of the Lord’s manner in my life for the last 24 hours. The Lord can remind me and have me ponder what he was doing in and around me. Perhaps there was something I missed, forgot, or understood incorrectly.

The Israelites were reminded of the forever covenant the Lord made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (15-17). The Lord God kept his promise. They had inherited the land of Canaan (18). When the Lord decreed to promise it seemed a far-fetched fantasy. They were a few outliners (19). They had no home (20). Yet, they believed God. They had incessant belief. The Lord protected Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and his sons.

What plans does he have for me? Worship him and think about his promises to me in the morning, in the early morning. Pray to him with my love before I end the day.